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LET GRAVITY sway your ears on their natural wave. The band was formed from a synchronized music talents and interest over the members: SAM SANTOS, RAM CHAVES, DONNE SANTOS, ALDEN ACOSTA AND RIGIL BORROMEO. Their music is a pop-rock genre with a glimpse of jazz.

Let us meet the members.

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Members of LET GRAVITY band are Alden Acosta, Ram Chaves, Rigil Borromeo and Donne Santos. Copyright photo of Marian Torres

Previously being school mates, ex-band mates and colleagues, LET GRAVITY was united. Guitarist Sam Santos is a professional songwriter who composed the teleserye theme song “Alipin”. He is also the host of other telenovela themes. Basist Donne Santos, brother of Sam, was the founding member of indie-band ‘Goodbye Tracy’. He is also a former member of RAMCHAVESBAND (formerly SUTIL and owned by Ram Chaves). Drummer Alden Acosta and acoustic and electric finger-style guitarist Rigil Borromeo were UST schoolmates. They were ex-members of HAPPYDAYSAHEAD band. Alden was a former member of the CALALILY band too. Lead vocalist Ram Chaves, formerly runner up of GMA 7 Pinoy Idol season 1 competition is the newest member of LET GRAVITY.

If you love crowd-pleasing 90’s era Pinoy OPM Bands such as Calalily, Rivermaya, Eraserheads, UP Dharma Down, Cueshe etc, LET GRAVITY has a distinctive music taste like them. I am fan of Cueshe songs such as Back To Me and Can’t Let You Go. Also fan of UP Dharma Down’s We Give In Sometimes song. I cherish music that has a value, moving and very revelatory. When I got a chance to listen LET GRAVITY’s album DEFY song, it embraced my heart. I saw the synergy, serenity and deepness in the song. They are now in my playlist.

International bands All Saints, 30 Seconds to Mars, The 1975 are my of likes too. I remembered them when I heard LET GRAVITY’s DEFY song that has a resembling style which I love. It means they have a classic Filipino and international crisp in sound. LET GRAVITY creates their original composition which caters to any audience. As a music lover, designer, reader and writer, I cited some songs I desire for you to appreciate how great LET GRAVITY’s style is.

The soon-to-be-released album LET GRAVITY’s DEFY charted already on OPM MYX and MONSTER RADIO RX 93.1 and gained TOP 10 charts for several weeks. They are great and original indeed.

In DEFY lyrics chorus:

‘Cause we are, who we are
And we face whatever comes our way
All the odds we defy
We’ll never say die

I edited the video clip with instrumental music. Background music credits to ORBITAL MUSIC channel of Youtube.

With A Kiss is their latest music video which now airs at MYX and Net 25. It can also be viewed on LET GRAVITY Youtube channel. The song expounds the melodramatic side of being in love put in a test. There’s a lot of hugot. Promise its worth your time.

Get ready on July as LET GRAVITY will also release a music video for ALAMAT. The track is for biopic HERMANO PULI movie theme song. This is directed by veteran filmmaker Gil Portez with Aljur Abrenica as lead role. The movie is a historical film under T-REX Entertainment which will be showing in Cinemas in September.

When LET GRAVITY play on live, the audience applauds and outcry for more. They have a fascinating juxtaposed vibe also perfect for jamming and the coffee table. They are also already being eyed by a major network for theme song in upcoming shows.

Meet the ever supportive Executive Producer and LIMBAGA 77 owner, Mr. Rex Tiri. Copyright photo of Marian Torres
me with the band
Me with the LET GRAVITY band. (Boys from left to right) Rigil Borromeo, Alden Acosta, Donne Santos and Ram Chaves  Copyright photo of Marian Torres

According to them, they are comparable to Isaac Newton’s universal theory. It is not forced nor contrived. Thus LET GRAVITY take you to a world of music and extravagant vibe.

They also have a message for you!

I edited the video clip with instrumental music. Background music credits to ORBITAL MUSIC channel of Youtube.

LET GRAVITY’s album DEFY is now available. They are also on AMAZON and ITUNES. CDS will be available soon in Odyssey Music Store nationwide. They are digitally distributed by Star Music.
SPOTIFY – https://open.spotify.com/album/5lvnLg1wjqrjTCAfnBZiIN
DEEZER – http://www.deezer.com/album/12550616…

Follow LET GRAVITY on social media.
INSTAGRAM – @letgravity


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