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Glassware collection of MASFLEX. Copyright photo of Marian Torres

In celebrating 25 years of Innovation for the Love of Cooking, MASFLEX conducted an event last June 16, 2016 at Le Pavilion, Metrobank Avenue Corner Edsa Extension, Pasay, Roxas Blvd Metro Manila. Companies, media, bloggers and featured guests gathered on the success of MASFLEX. It’s a cookware brand that have started since year 1989. Analyzing the Philippines’ hurdle for cookware, house ware and kitchenware during ‘80s era, they  introduced HIGH STANDARD yet duly AFFORDABLE cooking products. Did you also know that MASFLEX means MAS-Mass Market and FLEX-Flexible?

Le Pavilion  Copyright photo of Marian Torres
bro of CEO
Mr. Haresh H. Mirchandani, CEO of RAMESH Trading and President talks about MASFLEX.


RAMESH Trading Corporation CEO and President Mr. Haresh H. Mirchandani manages the MASFLEX brand. He shared the company’s vision and success behind the 25 years of MASFLEX during the event. They also made raffles and the grand prize winner gets 25, 000 pesos worth of products! Happy prosperous anniversary, MASFLEX!

chef gene and nancy lumen
Chef Gene Gonzales joins MASFLEX Ambassadress Chef Nancy Reyes-Lumen in her cooking demonstration for the MASFLEX 25th Anniversary.

Congratulations too, ‘ADOBO QUEEN’ Chef Nancy Reyes-Lumen for being the MASFLEX Ambassadress. She is a multi-media personality, home-maker, mother and many more.

I only agree to endorse brands I do believe in or those that support my advocacies.”
Ms. Nancy told us.

According to her, it’s adopted to Filipinos’ need as consumers. During the event, she also introduced and demonstrated us her recipes using the MASFLEX cookware. Coming from the Reyes Family of the prominent The Aristocrat Restaurant, she shared us her cooking techniques too. She assembled the following recipes: Mommy Nena’s Kinulob, Rodrigo’s Roast and Bibingka Ube Crepe Cake.

She also noted that cooking is not for mommies alone. “Condo-dwellers” and “millenials” are now more familiar on the urban areas in which cooking techniques and cookware choice is crucial for healthy living and food preparation.

mommy nenas
Mommy Nena’s Kinulob  Copyright photo of Marian Torres
Rodrigo’s Roast  Copyright photo of Marian Torres
ube crepe
Bibingka Ube Crepe Cake  Copyright photo of Marian Torres

MASFLEX has a wide array of cookware products. For more viewing, see BROCHURE.


Copyright photo of Marian Torres
Copyright photo of Marian Torres
Copyright photo of Marian Torres
Copyright photo of Marian Torres

I used their Aluminum Non-stick Small Pancake Pan. I felt so happy that all my pancakes did not burn. They come in good shape and less oil. Oh I forgot to take photo of it. Anyways, I can cook again and put it here. I researched them further. I saw some BIG REASONS to love them. Although they showcased it to me thru the pancake pan. Here are your top 3 reasons to choose MASFLEX:

  1. Ms. Nancy state that you can have the excellence in cooking if you have the best of cookware. I have to agree with her. Before I experienced the MASFLEX aluminium non-stick induction frying pan, my pancakes are overcooked and wrecked. My pan eventually gets rustier. Then I learn that they use 3-LAYER DAIKIN JAPAN COATING in effect are STRONGER BOND, DURABLE AND VERSATILE when cooking. There are thousands of cookware in store but MASFLEX is distinctive. Some ordinary cooking materials only contain slender and abrasive layers.
  2. They also use exclusive PFOA Free Non-stick coating. Your benefits are REAL NON-STICK COOKING, NO HARD FLIPPING OF FOOD and ECO-FRIENDLY COOKING  which is good for your health. You know not all cookware are infused with this engineered technology.
  3. MASFLEX incorporates the latest available technology which is Ceramica made in Germany. A very eco-friendly feature, CERAMICA is PTFE and PFOA free. In layman’s terms, its an “EASY TO CLEAN COATING” feature. For more appreciation, PFOA stands for Perfluorooctanoic acid (aka C8) and PTFE is polytetrafluoroethylene which basically a perfluorinated carboxylic acid and plastic material. According to some health experts, it can lead to heart liver, thyroid and immune system disorders. Back to Ceramica, its coating is tough which surpasses greater temperature (400C) than other conventional PTFE and PFOA cookware. This features low cure coating (less CO2 omitted) and is DISHWASHER SAFE.

They won’t survive 25 years without true quality and innovative ideas. Truly, MASFLEX is a cooking partner.

Visit them at Facebook page.


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