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Have you ever wonder how your signs work? There’s a branch of science where you can have a deep wisdom of what’s within. It is the metaphysical, esoteric and astrological sciences that takes my imagination to a new level. TAROT CARD READING is one of the esoteric practices. This age-old yet fascinating origin of TAROT keeps me in wonder. Hardly I ever known it aside from its magical prowess to predict a situation.

There’s lot of (Chinese) Astrologers around but I was privileged with Master Hanz Cua for a TAROT CARD READING. Lucky indeed because he is the Asia’s Youngest and Celebrity FENG SHUI Expert! I am with a very accurate expert. His work was like a calling. He devoted his passion in this career journey. He also continues to learn beyond his merits even if he is a ‘sage’ now.


Some of his laurels are the following:

  • Master Practitioner in Purple Star Astrology at School of Chinese Metaphysics-Singapore
  • Feng Shui Course at Grandmaster Lilian Too Consultant Institute
  • Feng Shui, Bazi and I-Ching Diploma at EBH Institute-Singapore
  • Advanced ESP and Higher Awareness at Inner Mind Development Institute
  • Masters in Chinese Astrology and in Face Reading at Master Academy Joey Yap-Malaysia
  • Certified Tarot Reader at Universal Class Florida-USA
  • The Science of Numbers Course at Association Internationale de Numerologues

He guides every client whether its ordinary, celebrity or famous, in his craft expertise. Satisfied clients are in awe of his ability. I’m sure some of you are familiar with him. He has a number of billboards dispersed along the EDSA. If you’re watching UMAGANG KAY GANDA of ABS-CBN, he appears there. He has a segment on WANTED SWEETHEART of Barangay LS 97.1 FM with Papa Dan too.

Master Hanz Cua is also a registered nurse specializing psychic and life coaching.

Me with Master Hanz Cua at the Shangri-La Plaza.

So here is my tarot card reading part. Yey!

Since this wasn’t my first time, I just observed what he said. I came with an open-minded self. He introduced the tarot cards to me. Before he shuffled my deck, he asked me to breathe and put my hands over it. I should clear off my mind on anything. Then he let me pick 3 cards using my left hand. The left represents my higher self.


TAROT connects with your subconscious and energy with the cards (archetypes) as your common denominator for the reader to see. It serves as your guide to your life. You can opt to follow or redirect your path. It details what your near future can be. I realized its importance when I had bad luck in my past relationships. I could have been prevented.

So from the 3 cards I chose, he explained my past, present and future. He guessed it right when he said that I should leave something behind (closures). It was my relationship. You will understand it better in my new post about love. Yikes! Noted also that my career is on a rocky boat. Then he proceeded to let me choose 12 cards. He said that I am intelligent and talented. That I am keen to travel far too. My career must be focused already. I should know where I want to be.

Amazing that he saw what and where my family is in the near future. I cannot disclose it here. Sorry it’s private. My point is he really sees a path in your life. He also told me that I will have an opportunity to come and a new love relationship. Gosh! He gave me hints but I wasn’t excited maybe because my past wasn’t good.


On our final round, he opened the door for 3 questions. The querent can ask more than the yes or no answer portion. The questions can contain any of your longing queries such as love, health, person etc. I can only disclose one question since its private. Due to bad relationships, I firmly held my hand and asked what possible dangers in my new relationship are. He spread the 12 new cards I picked out from the remaining deck. He said that this guy can be a womanizer. I should keep an eye. There you go, at least I am warned.

As we parted, he told me that the most important thing in your life is to know who you are. What might be your purpose in life plays a vital role in everything. The tarot is here for you to understand yourself and know where you can be more productive in your life decisions. We are still the major influence in our future actions.

Bonus part is that Master Hanz Cua is approachable. He is keen to the details of your life. He loves to entertain by smiles too. His readings are all accurate, detailed and straightforward too.You can check on your own.



I think you should give TAROT READING a go, my friend. Oh do it with Master Hanz. He’s worth your time. He also offers FENG SHUI and other FORTUNE TELLER SERVICES.

nameHe can be located at 8 Treasures House of Mystical Charms booth, Level 1 of Shangrila Plaza Mall (near Zara) in Mandaluyong City. OR

Send an SMS to 0922-829-0382


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