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How do you find collecting?

For me? Inspiration. Appeasement.

Well everyone has their own reasons, their motivations and stories. But some people are heavily influenced by their past, family, friends and events. Some considered it as a way to bridge diverse generations and whereabouts.


I once had in my distant past (glancing figures at ToyCon Philippines) when my brother and I visited conventions. We roamed around the Otaku Expo, Toy stores, Animax Carnival and souvenir shops. It feels like heaven to see and own those items. My brother is fan of Gundam Series and other possible figurines. As I am more intrigue on items such as One Piece, Marvel, DOTA mini figures, Rilakkuma plush etc. Unfortunately, I don’t really have spare money that time.

But the desire of collecting is inside me.


For my brother, whom I saw assembling kits, it’s a journey and not the final product. It’s the collection not the display alone. The process of building, colouring, matching parts and unwrapping kits are appealing and meaningful. Looking over his array of Gundam at the bookcase is truly remarkable. It provides a certain level of affinity, satisfaction and stress reliever to my brother. He also had child-like emotions of wonder at the same time a deep connection. It’s like I could recognize his second home.


Never knew that I began collecting world coins, toys etc. It started after my college days. My emotion was like I had an achievement, a glory of keeping different coins. Years passed and it served as memory. Now I am feeling cynical, bitter, cranky, bit grumpy, cold-hearted as I age more. However, reminiscing and fondling an old memory (or coin, toy) connects me with those flickering emotions. Feels like a tunnel back in time. For when future comes, I have something to look and share on, I know my collections are with me, my memory and my connection to its kind. That’s I how found my happiness in collecting.


Not only that I keep them inside my cabinet, I found this online portal. It’s like your online wardrobe. I even gained friends whom I can share my collections with.

It’s an interesting community, I swear. If you aren’t collecting yet, you are missing a quarter of your life. Try it and join COLLECTORS HIVE too. They’re friendly.


Here at COLLECTORS HIVE, a bunch of hobbyists, collectors, gatherers are joined in one collectors’ portal. They provide a way to keep valuable memories, create an atmosphere for collectors and connect them together. Ranging from a wide variety of Toys to Breweriana, Tobaciana, Coins, Fashion and Trading Cards to rarest and expensive Paintings, Petroliana, Furniture Antiques and Vintage Cars; they got you covered.

Collectors Hive Family

Come and explore the world of collecting together with us!

Know them more through FACEBOOK and WEBSITE.

They also have on going contest. You can win exciting prizes.
Click this link: CONTEST




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