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Vegetables and organic food aren’t my first options when eating. I prefer choices that are high in saturated fats, bad cholesterol, high in preservatives and junk food. Who doesn’t love those highly processed foods right? It floats your tongue to its unbelievable taste.

So when I heard of LIVE LIFE VEGETARIAN FOOD RESTO, my mind argued. Food are bland, monogamous and sulk etc. Yuck!


LIVE LIFE debunks the notion of a tasteless foodie. Owned by Ms. Sylvia Cancio, who studied Nutrition at New York, she mastered every recipe in her restaurant. She crafted it for a Filipino pallete. There came in her life where she doesn’t want to be unhealthy anymore. She conceptualized this serene and cozy restaurant.



Before I came here, a friend of mine endorsed me a menu favourite. She insisted that FRESH VEGETABLE LUMPIA is a superb pick for a non-organic lover like me. There were no regrets. I was hesitant yet. The food was then served hot. Never thought that I would love the taste. Imagine a stripped veggie mix laced with fresh egg wrappers. Also coated with a healthy sweet syrup and seasoned with crushed nuts.  It’s a mouth-watering moment with a sweet crunch.

Next I ordered BUTTERNUT SQUASH WITH CASHEW MILK. My ideal eats on rainy days are hot soup. I remembered that Egg Drop Soup was the only delicious for me. Now I can have the butternut squash soup as my new option.


You know what I love Cheesy Meat Overload Quesadilla a lot. I found the healthy alternative for my craving! It’s the MUSHROOM CHEESE WANTON! I LOVE IT. I loved how Shitake Mushrooms can refill my carnivorous side. Ingredients are herbs, cashew cheese, mushrooms and fresh tomatoes. Take note that they don’t use veggie meat extenders.



I always hated ampalaya, eggplant and okra! Eww! But hey never did I know that I already ate a crushed eggplant in Live Life. Just look at that. MOUSSAKA lured me into eating it. Formed completely like a cheese melt lasagne, the ingredients are eggplant, fresh squeezed tomato sauce with mushrooms and cashew. Combined with brown rice, this delicacy gave me a thumbs up.


WOOT! Time for dessert! I asked their specialty. One of desserts given to me was HALO-HALO WITH ALMOND MILK AND CHIA SEEDS You won’t regret it, I promise! Loving the milky taste here. Feeling was like a milk and cream infused together with superfoods. Combination was so healthy and organic, the milk was really recommendable.

Try out their dishes. I am very sure, from a non-organic here, you will enjoy the taste.

Live Life Vegetarian

2240 Chino Roces Ave., Makati City
Contact no: (02)985-8483 | 09274525871


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