Since I was in early age, I am already looking for investments that are compatible to my finances, skills and risk-worth. Who doesn’t want a beautiful home, secured future or at least savings? Right? Normally people rarely think of growth at investing. There are also misconceptions that only rich people can afford these trading markets. I am one of those skeptical until I discovered FOREX.

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Well everybody are hooked with current banks the country has to offer. Some of us have tried time deposit account. It’s a risk-free outlet for your hard earned money. Figures of interest estimates at .25% to 1.125% (1,000 pesos to 1 million pesos) on approximately 30 days to 360 days account. Good predicament and results but there’s more to FOREX.

On the accounts of FOREX TRADING, people view it in shallow level. Especially in the Philippines, FOREX participants consist only of larger international banks and not with Philippine Peso. Few Filipinos are not fully aware.

Let me show FOREIGN EXCHANGE TRADING from an easy point-of-view. Basically, forex exchange market is the “place” where currencies are traded. Currency is mandatory to any person around the world because currencies need to be exchanged in order to conduct foreign trade and businesses. For example you are travelling France (EUR) but you live in United States (USD) so money conversion is a must for that country’s transactions. Also our need to exchange currencies is the primary reason why Forex market is the LARGEST, MOST LIQUID FINANCIAL MARKET in the world. It overshadows other markets in size, even the stock market, with an average traded value of around U.S. $2,000 billion per day (Bank for International Settlements BIS).

So how do FOREX Trading works?

It’s a market where you bet if one currency becomes stronger or weaker relative to other currency. For example, 1 (EUR) is becoming higher compared to 1 (USD) in the market. The banks are in-charge of the supply and demand chain growth management which affects the trading. Now given the example, we are buying 1 (EUR) and selling 1 (USD) because our analysis of 1 (EUR) is higher currency. Another term would be we “long” for the 1 (EUR). And that we shall win.


In most cases, FOREX Trading is handled by outside broker firms. Scammers are just hiding around the bushes. Better do your research on “legit” trading brokers and traders who extends help to newbies. In my country, the organization FX Action Team Philippines are Traders under the broker FX UNITED. FX UNITED has been operating businesses to Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, China, and Australia, Hongkong, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and more. They were introduced in PH last October 10, 2015. The main office in PH is located at the heart of Ortigas. They are conducting FOREX trainings and 101 coaching. Their motto is to EARN IN DOLLARS, SPEND IN PESO. Who wouldn’t want a goal of Juan trader per household? That everybody is learning and earning.


They don’t even offer you a quick-rich scheme because FOREX is a high risk and volatile business. In their most honest approach, FOREX is better than stocks. You can still have earnings despite of fluctuation. Legit transactions, attitude and strategy are one of the trading’s secrets. But wait, there’s more! Attend sessions and you can learn how to trade 1% a day to make it 20% per month. Earn while you learn trading successful! Also know their efficient system and software, CGAT (Capital Gain Auto Trading) too.


Photo by | Graphics by Marian Torres

Mastering FOREX Trading indulges you to more money, opportunity to buy luxury, enjoy passive income. You can do it anywhere as long as internet is stable. Isn’t that wonderful?

There’s more exciting event to come.

FX Action Team PH proudly presents to you their anticipating MEGA PREVIEW about FOREX TRADING biggest event on October 9, 2016. Get to know the founders and successful traders! Exciting raffle and INTERNATIONAL CRUISE awaits you!

Win these prizes!
15 raffle prizes: 10 Grocery baskets, 2 small kitchen appliances, 1 Romoss Power Bank, 1 Samsung Phone, 1 Samsung tablet

Free 4D3N International Cruise incentive will be given away.

I will be giving woth 2000 tickets (for Mega Preview) to those will like my post and their FB page.


Sharing is earning. You earn the knowledge of teaching, trading, friendship and network. Profit not only monetary gains but appreciate FOREX as part of your life.
Then you can have financial freedom.

More details on their social media accounts:

FX United

You may contact:

Ivan Dizon
Kzen Dizon
0925 7062220
0977 7646040


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