A double win for me at Collectors Hive

Photos courtesy of Jerico Baron

Why double win?

First, I can’t believe that I won a Comicave Studion 1 1/2 Shotgun collectible figure & 12000 MAH Pokeball Power Bank! A very joyful thanks to Collectors’ Hive for these prizes. It’s awesome like their collections too. The contest was about hunting POKEMON Gotta Catch ’em All with your favorite collection photo. All you need is to catch that Pokemon with your collectible. I had great time doing it.

Whenever I open up my Pokemon app, I always hunt for rarest and unique Pokemons. Feelings were the same as I gather my collections. I collect world coins from diverse centuries. I love that it satisfies me to have keepsakes. Now I welcome my new collection, the Shotgun figure. Would love to try stacking figures on my room shelves.


I also got a chance to meet Collectors Hive as I have joined their contest. I met new friends, different collections, an online portal of awesomeness and more! If you’re an enthusiast or collector, join their community for they welcome you to a world of collectibles and possibilities. You just need to setup your online account and upload your collection.

Collectors Hive can be anything you collect. It could be a wide variety of Toys to Breweriana, Tobaciana, Coins, Fashion and Trading Cards to the rarest and expensive Paintings, Petroliana, Furniture, Antique and Vintage Cars.

Collectors Hive was built by collectors itself. What you can find is online portal to display collections, trade and sell (yes, they have it) and friendships. This community is not only at Philippines but worldwide and a member of big organizations. They also have ‘Colony Leaders’ which guides your collect and monitors its quality. You can earn while sharing or trading your collections that you wish.

You can learn a lot too with fellow enthusiasts. You are no longer feeling unappreciated and longing for a place to gather.

Now I can’t wait to transact my items onboard. It was indeed a double win for me. Yay! I got a prize and I learn an interesting community.

A double win for me at Collectors Hive

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