Mr. Candid Shots

A picture is worth a thousand words. This emanates what I see from this cool guy. Yes, he’s super cool, passionate and strong! He is not your ordinary photographer. A lot of his photos looks stunning, great and well-taken.

My first impression of him was a typical nerd with superb skills. But yeah, he is approachable, happy and compassionate. He already took a photo of me which I loved! Look at below how he’s able to pose me.



He loves to take portraits, expressions, pose, fashion and even weddings! Talk about people, smiles, babies, couples, models and more. You will surely love his style.You know what I love from is style? He shoots candid! Even if you look hazy, his photos are the opposite.

Do we know him personally? Now I got a chance to interview him for just a couple of questions. This super cool photographer got some to share.


So here’s the sizzling part! Let’s begin:

So, what is your real name?

Tristan C. Garcia

What do you normally shoot?

Models, prenups, portraits, fashion, wedding and events

Are you a photographer alone or you do other work?

I am a graphic artist and illustrator but on a project basis as of now. My photography started out of passion.

Single or Married? (HAHA)


What do you look for a partner (love)?

Next question 😀

How do you find passion from relationships, be it heartbreak or not?

Also next question. hahaha

Are you a breadwinner in your family? I was curious since he is freelancer at a moment.

Yes, it may seem that I am carefree yet I am a breadwinner. I live with my parents and also support them.

Where do you find inspiration in taking candid shots?

From everyday life. I just like taking candid shots because it’s more natural.

So I could see that people loves your shot, do you have social media? Particularly fan pages, wanna share?

Just my FB account ( and IG (tsart77)

When are you planning to have your studio? Gosh, I would love to visit it.

When i have the budget. Hahahaha, But i’m more of an outdoor  type of photographer

What is your most beautiful shot? Can you share us some inspiration?

To many to mention (playing safe) 😉 but i like portrates and fashion shots.

What is your worst shot? How did you handle it?

Events with bad lighting. I just try and edit it the best as i can.

What can you say to those aspiring photographers?

Practice, practice, practice and talk to other photographers who’s in the business longer than you and remember you can’t please everybody.

Anything else we need to know?

Do the best that you can and love what you’re doing whatever profession it is.

Thank you for interviewing me! It was such a great opportunity and a moment to share photography to everyone.


Woah! He’s awe-inspiring indeed. He is very friendly guys! You will be enlightened by his positivity and camaraderie. He also cares for his family, friends and others. He also does multimedia. He is a man of steel indeed.

Here’s some of his superb photoshoots. Check it out.






Mr. Candid Shots

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