Collectors Hive has been featured at DENKI Megatech Convention

Do you love collecting toys, cars, bottles, stamps, cards or even antique, furniture, gadgets, books, memorabilia, keychains? Not only those mentioned are “collections”. Items that are of same category gathered is called “collection”. How about Hello Kitty, Barbie, Gundam or Fashion and Lippies; they are collectibles too.


I thought of gathering world coins as I find it amusing. Ever since I was a child, I began to love stacking world coins into my mini pouch. Now I found out this interesting organization since I was on DENKI event. I found out Collectors Hive! They are the first in Philippines to have an online website where diverse collections are in.


Collectors Hive is one of the major sponsors at DENKI Megatech Convention. It was held successfully as they introduce themselves and began demonstrating what is Collectors Hive all about.


Please welcome Collectors Hive as I have met them last February 12, 2017 at DENKI Megatech Convention. It was held at Philippine Trade Training Center, Pasay City. Mr. Frederick Puno, the CEO of Collectors Hive has introduced and presented the features of Collectors Hive. He said that it’s your community of hobbyists, collectors and gatherers. It’s an online portal where you enlist your collections and meet fellow collectors. Every now and then, this community improves a lot more. You can trade and sell plus meet their new innovation. You can scan the bar code of your chosen collection from a local store. It will display the specifications and stack in the Collectors Hive portal. You shall no longer use old spreadsheets to pile your items.

You can find rare items that you are wishing. Imagine that we are million users of smartphones every day and another feature of Collectors Hive is online presence and organization.


Basically, Collectors Hive have a great idea of who they are. They have chosen the concept of Hive because bees are building communities not separating groups. Even when your collection is different, you are most welcome at Collectors Hive. Find out more of their exciting world at

It was fun to know them. I had a great and worthy time visiting DENKI event. Knowing about Collectors Hive is very interesting. You might not wonder in this digital world, collections will be displayed and communicated online more.

Follow me as I explore Collectors Hive and their features for the upcoming blogs. I am sure it will be your worthwhile read and discovery.

Collectors Hive has been featured at DENKI Megatech Convention

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