Boardwalk introduces SHOP ON THE GO mobile app as shopping innovation

This foundation of sustainable e-commerce and social enterprise catered with extensive collection of stylish and world-class fashion and lifestyle products, Boardwalk outshines again. I attended the Personal Shoppers Congress held at the ALIW Theatre, Pasay City last February 19, 2017. I have seen their glorious achievements and exciting features.


Known to have over 100 Branches and Satellite Offices, Boardwalk Business Ventures Inc. continues its legacy by innovating shopping experience and business to innovative mobile applications. Presenting the SHOP ON THE GO and SnappMile mobile apps. For sure many of the shoppers want a hassle-free negotiation, meet-ups and payment.


So tired of chasing customers when cancelled orders are bought up? How about customers who run after payments? Worry no more. SHOP ON THE GO mobile app is a marketing tool for Personal Shoppers where they can sell, transact and even monitor sales for every customer. For further assistance, a new feature button named “CHAT” extends shoppers an opportunity to check-in potential buyers when viewed from the app. Imagine how accessible transactions can be with their latest deviation compared to door-to-door selling.

SnappMile app is where Personal Shoppers can earn from collections and delivery. Servicing like a logistics partner, the app gives you control over these online spreadsheets.

“It’s the first of its kind in the country, And we’re proud to say that we didn’t copy nor pattern this concept from other countries. It’s made by Filipinos for fellow Filipinos,” shares Edwin Castillo, Boardwalk’s Manager for Online Sales.

“We want to support our Personal Shoppers as our customers become more tech savvy. With Boardwalk Shop on the Go app, our personal shoppers can sell, transact and even monitor the orders at the click of a button,” added Castillo.


“The market is changing and we are proud to lead the way in innovating how we do business at Boardwalk. We understand the need to evolve for the next generations, for the milennials in particular, and we also want to see our company to grow and nourish. We are keeping up with the trends and at the same time reinventing our way of approach for our consumers’ satisfaction,” says Mr. Bradwell Madera of Boardwalk.


So now you can have more and more opportunities to make shopping to a whole new level of experience!

Boardwalk introduces SHOP ON THE GO mobile app as shopping innovation

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