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Get quick contours with Celthera

A non-invasive Face Lifting and Body Contouring technology

Every time I look at my bulging hips and fat belly, I frown. But I am afraid of surgery and my pain tolerance is high. The good news is that Bioessence promotes non-invasive treatments for their customers. Been 23 years and counting in the beauty and wellness industry, they have already proven their expertise in enhancing Filipina beauty through non-invasive facial, slimming and spa.


Last March 28, 2017 at Brentwood Suites Hotel, Bioessence launched the Celthera Elite service program. It is a non-invasive face lifting and body contouring technology. The pain tolerance depends upon the person receiving a treatment. They proudly announce how it is painstakingly done, less grief.


What is Hifu?

Celthera is a HIFU based which enables skin tightening and improves skin’s appearance subtracting the pain. It has no downtime! Meaning if you had treatment and have event onwards, prepping will not be a problem. HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound which is derived from transducer, a heat-irradiation treatment into skin cell. This heat makes immediate collagen contraction that yields to collagen remodeling and tightening over time.


More Benefits!

  • Fast Treatment

You can see immediate results right after the session. I have witnessed the actual procedures on the event. Effects are having a porcelain texture over the desired area. There’s no downtime you can do stuff afterwards.

  • New Category of Fractional Skin Treatment

Effect is like a combined fractional needling, face lifting and skin rejuvenation into a lesser medium. Why? I also wanted a less sagging, open pores and loose skin without going under knife. This is perfectly safe and non-invasive.

  • Pigmentation such as pimples? No problem

Harmless yet powerful, even if you have skin blemishes or pigmentation, you can have treatments because neither its cold nor hot.

The brand also welcomed its Bioessence League of Beauty and Wellness with beauty and lifestyle bloggers – Genzel Habab, Anne Clutz, Monica Ferrer and couple Nina and Jet Rayos. These inspiring bloggers shared their skin and health regime.

CELTHERA HAS NO SURGERY AND GENERALLY PAINLESS! Why don’t you try yourself? I promise you will like it compared to other treatments. It gives you maximum effect at a minimum effort.


Complete your diet too with this coffee that contains L-Carnitine and more! It aids your digestion and metabolism in no time.

Connect with them:

Facebook: @BioessenceCorporatePage
Instagram: @bioessence_ph
Twitter: @BioessencePH


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