How a millennial such me inspired from “Apprentice Asia” Jonathan Yabut on Sun Life’s Brighter Session

Being millennial like me procrastinates every now and then. I am reaching late 20’s sooner but my choices are not clear. We are agitated easily of opportunities coming by. The technology has spoon-feed us everything. Sometimes I want to be a businesswoman and other days are not. Paying bills, travelling and easy life is what most likely we desire. Our future has lots of predicament.

When I attended Sun Life Philippines’ #LiveBrighter session last May 24, 2017 held at Artsy A Space Gallery in Legazpi Street, Makati City; my principles about future have changed. Truly indeed “Apprentice Asia” winner Mr. Jonathan Yabut gave astounding point-of-views to attendees like bloggers and financial advisors.


Humble Beginnings to Successful Businessman

Mr. Jonathan Yabut was born as ordinary citizen. He served as Chief of Staff for AirAsia for a year after winning in the Apprentice Asia reality show hosted by Malaysian business mogul Tony Fernandes. He now runs his very own JY Consultancy & Ventures, which operates in Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. He shared that like everyone, challenges oppress him. But he didn’t focus on curve balls strangling him. Instead he manage it as strength. His book “From Grit to Great” further expounds his work and mind principles.

What did I learn with Mr. Jonathan Yabut?

He shared quotes that emphasized his principles. When I was listening, my heart gave attention to it.

“Success is when preparation meets opportunity.” – Seneca

Mr. Jonathan Yabut explained that if you desire something so bad, strike while the iron it’s hot. Regardless of who you are, focus to it. He discussed Mise en Place. It means you must execute your plans or actions at a right timing. Not every opportunity must be given importance. You need to focus on one.

“You don’t need to say “Yes” to every opportunity of success. Success also requires saying, “NO.”

It wake me up to my bones. You have to zoom out first before zooming in. Check the bigger picture all the time. I agree with Yabut about this. You can only advance if you view at macro level. Also learn to say “No” at opportunities that doesn’t meet you.

“In order to stand out, you also need to stand back. Leadership is pullership, not pushership.”

I agree with Yabut, leadership is not about crab mentality, unhealthy ego and being demotivated. As leaders must set a good example. He also shared the lessons from story of 1.4M Lettuce of Delta Airlines. The lettuce was requested to be removed by a certain passenger because he feels it’s not needed. The company had saved thousands after they removed it. When you compare to life, we had some lettuce to let go for they bring burden in. Sometimes we need to throw unnecessary things in life.

“It’s not about working hard, but smart.”
“The secret to success is out there: it’s called, GRIT.”

Another glorious sharing from Yabut is also about Carol Dweck’s “Growth Mindset Theory.” It says if you have Growth Mindset, you can learn if you put work and practice. The Fixed Mindset, thinks that they can’t increase skills and knowledge any longer.

His told us Grit is a secret recipe to one’s success. A diagram has been shown to make association on intelligent quotient, emotional quotient, beauty, fitness and wealth. But there’s more to secret. Passion and perseverance are fuel for long-term goals. Consider serving a social purpose in every business you take.


Sun Life advisor JP Cruz embarks “emotional reason” as recipe for success.
“Failure happens not because you’re weak, but because your dreams are weak.”

Apart from Yabut, Sun Life Financial advisor Mr. Juan Paulo Cruz also spoke about how he reached rock bottom in both his finances and love life. He stresses having an “emotional reason” to be inspired and motivated. This finance guru finds it by helping people achieve lifetime financial security.

Sun Life Financial Advisor Recruitment Manager Fin Bernardo emphasized how Sun Life can help people achieve financial security. Being a sun life advisor is rewarding and meaningful.


“Live Brighter Sessions” are set to be held in Cebu and Davao. For more details, follow @sunlifeph on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Interested to become a Sun Life advisor? Visit to learn more.

How a millennial such me inspired from “Apprentice Asia” Jonathan Yabut on Sun Life’s Brighter Session

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