Meet Jerico! The Nendoroids Collector!

We have interviewed one of the collectors in the land. He shares his insights about collection and what he loves to collect.


Hi Jerico and thank you so much for agreeing to this interview! It’s an honor to have you on. I have to ask straight off the bat – what are your collections? Can you give me background?

I AM A HUUUGE ANIME FAN!  Most of my collectibles involves figures/merchandise from Anime and Manga series! Some items are Marvel but mostly Funko POP figures!


What made you love collecting? How did you know Collectors Hive?

Hereditary? My dad used to love collecting magazines and other reading materials. I think I inherited it since when I was in High School (2002-2012). Then my collectibles escalated to VCDs/DVDs (2004 – 2012) to Anime Plushtoys (2008 – 2012) and Anime Figures (2013 – present). Collecting gives me a sense of accomplishment whenever I acquire specific item that I aimed. A feeling that keeps going like endorphins without a need to exercise. Overall happiness is what I feel.

How is Collectors Hive for you? What made you interest in it?

I learnt Collectors Hive last Toycon 2016 event. I happened to pass by the booth and one of CH’s staff approached and offered me to sign up. That was when I met Sir Ricky and made my account and he described Collectors Hive.

What made me interest is their features. CH created a wonderful mobile app where you can update collections via barcode scanner! Also I met new collectors and gained new friends!



Aside from collecting, do you have other hobbies?

Before I started collecting Figures, I used to be a Cosplayer. But maintaining both hobby was a handful so I decided to let go of cosplay-ing (2008 – 2013) to try out collecting figures then I continued ever since. I also enjoy reading novels, photography (toys/portraits), watching movies, going malls and drawing.

You have a wonderful collection. What is your favorite among them?

Most of what I have in collection are Nendoroids. They’re my favorite because of their articulation despite of their size! I find them really cute. My favorite Nenoroid is Mami Tomoe from the Puella Magi Madoka Magica series. I have a mini “Shrine” for her and arrange it together with box packaging.




What is your oldest type of collection?

My White Tiger Megazord from ther Power Rangers series. It was a gift from my Ninong during my 7th Birthday! It was the hype back and a favorite. I still remember my little Adventure Time episodes playing with that Zord! Currently it has few missing pieces with loose joints and fading paint/finish but it stands in my shelf together with my other collection.



Thank you so much for answering us. Do you have any message for the inspiring collectors?

Again, thank you ate Marian for the interview! For those who want to begin collecting, brace yourselves! Winter is coming for your wallet!! Collecting is HARD!! I am not discouraging you but it’s a truth. Collection takes up your time, effort and money. Some items are rare and expensive. That’s how I started yet I am fulfilled. THAT’S HOW COLLECTING IS BEING ENJOYABLE! Every reward comes after every hard work. Meaning are created and memories are cherished.


Meet Jerico! The Nendoroids Collector!

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