Live healthy with San Marino’s Indoor Bike Challenge

Summer is over but being healthy shouldn’t stop, too. I participated on San Marino in cooperation with Robinsons’ Indoor Bike Challenge held at the Robinsons Starmill, San Fernando, Pampanga City last, last weekend. Everyone was invited and the booths were free to visit. Health checkup booth was located near the stage. It was where one’s BMI index, blood pressure, weight management and general body checkup can be regulated. Another corner was the free taste of San Marino products booth. Rich in Omega-3 San Marino is a perfect healthy diet for anyone. Grand prize is at stake worth of Php 30,000 Robinsons Gift Certificates.


The event is completely free and they give out passport card where you have to complete it. Once you’re done, they will give you San Marino Corned Tuna plus a gift certificate from Elorde Boxing Gym. It was hosted by a sports caster Jutt Sulit. Mr. Paulo Alvarez, Key Account Manager of Corporate Sales of San Marino welcomed the participants for the search of next Indoor Bike Challenge champion. Indoor Cycling exercises starts by batch of spinning class with Coach Lexi Noval and there are some reminders for the participant such as:

  • Adjust your chair

  • Turn knob to adjust resistance
  • Push the resistance knob to STOP
  • Call our attention when you’re not feeling well
  • Drink water


There were 3 rounds of race and the farthest distance among the participants will win. It was really a tiring day but everyone was happy. There will be another San Marino Corned Tuna Indoor Bike Challenge in Robinsons Supermarket Metro East July 9 on their final leg. Get a chance to win P30,000 worth of Robinsons GC’s! Visit San Marino Corned Tuna FB page at to learn more.


Live healthy with San Marino’s Indoor Bike Challenge

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