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Collectors May Now Trade & Sell Thru STORE HIVE

Are you hunting a rare item? Or desires to sell your collection? Are you looking for a store facility where you can trade or swap systematically? We know exactly what you feel. So here at the Collectors Hive, we introduce you one of the finest feature ever – STORE HIVE.


From the book collection, coins, comics, toys and anything under the sun, STORE HIVE accommodates your needs. Just type on search box the item then choices are presented over you. Through its user-friendly design, the user can manage the displayed information easily. There is a good news for the non-collectors who’s only interested in selling, you are also welcome.

Collectors Hive is going international, so you can reach anyone virtually. We believe that collectors can be united in one platform, where they can have a community – of friends, accessible collections, store market and more.

Collectors Hive is going international, so you can reach anyone virtually. We believe that collectors can have one platform, where Collectors Hive panel will cater collectors’ dilemma of having a solid community.

Here’s a store community everything you have been dreaming of. Swap, trade and sell without the fear or scam, bogus buyers, sellers etc. Collectors Hive is created by collectors for the collectors. It’s a social media platform for the hobbyists, collectors and gatherers. Driven by passion, we systemized how collectors can have a community to collate collectibles, meet new friends, trade and sell items. You are not only viewing the collection, there is a knowledge base to assist the extra information you need. So there is no place for bogus buyers and scams.

Try it yourself.

Just download the Collectors Hive mobile app at Google Play and instantly register via Facebook. You can add items manually or thru the barcode system. Also if you have something to sell or trade, you can now list it through Store Hive. Download today at:




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