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Lakad Pamana Visits 4 Organic Farms at Bulacan

As the world population began to grow rapidly, sustainable practices are a much-needed approach. To accommodate food demand but lessen the global issues, organic and urban farming is now being introduced even to younger generations. Luckily, Lakad Pamana recently invited bloggers to learn about this holistic farm management training.

Urban farming is a body of food advocates, city planners, environmentalists, urban farmers, trainers who promote food production growth in a populated area. Organic farming is a philosophy of farming together with nature, organizing the argo-ecosystem rather than use artificial additives.


These four farms located in Bustus and San Idelfonso, Bulacan provides knowledge, opportunities, training and serving fresh crops. The province of Bulacan practices farm-to-table crops and organic methodologies. Bulakeños also produces rice cakes, pastillas de leche, pastillas de be, duck-raising (“mag-iitik”) and “itlog na maalat/pula.”

Our trip began at Teodoro Farm in Barangay San Pedro, Bustos, Bulacan. They served us a nutritious breakfast – crispy fried mushrooms, sisig mushroom and special goto lugaw mushroom. Real Estate developer Mrs. Victoria Teodoro toured us her small-scale farm that includes native pigs, rabbits, vegetable stalls and oyster mushroom facility.

Crispy fried mushrooms were really delicious and 100% organic. It comes in a variety of flavors – cheese, barbeque and best-seller sour cream.


After the heartwarming welcome of Mrs. Victoria, we heed our way to Flourish Mushroom Farm in Basuit, San Idelfonso, Bulacan. We saw laboratories of carefully monitored oyster mushrooms, compost, nurtured soil for growing mushrooms. They also train interested mushroom farmers.



Featured in ‘Biyahe ni Drew’, renowned as “The Seedling Queen in Bulacan” Daisy Duran’s story began from poor to a rich woman entrepreneur. She first worked as a domestic helper in Manila and became a gasoline girl. She met her husband there and together they launched a fish ball snack. A worker from an Agriculture sector offered her home-farming training. She then rooted tomatoes in her backyard and educated herself more. Today, she raised an agribusiness and training center.

Welcome to Duran Farm in Basuit, San Idelfonso, Bulacan. This farm is also a resort that provides small-scale farmers with a seedling, organic farming, and agricultural training. They are accredited by TESDA who welcomes new becoming farmers from any background who like to learn.

Photo Credit: The House Keeper | Flickr

Our last stop is owned by Tamtango Family. Daily Bread Organic Farm in Bustos, Bulacan is an inspired resort which has a man-made forest and landscape. They also conducted organic farming and native weaving in cooperation with TESDA. There were several types of accommodations inside – duplex bungalow, dormitory and the Ifugao Hut. We stayed in a container van with a guest’s lounge area named as Citronella. This is perfect for travelers who backpack things. When you explore further, there is the wellness center, conference building, library, clubhouse and two swimming pools – where we swam – to visit from. They also sell Minasa, a very popular Bulacan biscuit.


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