Meet Jerico! The Nendoroids Collector!

We have interviewed one of the collectors in the land. He shares his insights about collection and what he loves to collect.


Hi Jerico and thank you so much for agreeing to this interview! It’s an honor to have you on. I have to ask straight off the bat – what are your collections? Can you give me background?

I AM A HUUUGE ANIME FAN!  Most of my collectibles involves figures/merchandise from Anime and Manga series! Some items are Marvel but mostly Funko POP figures!

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Meet Jerico! The Nendoroids Collector!

Collectors Hive has been featured at DENKI Megatech Convention

Do you love collecting toys, cars, bottles, stamps, cards or even antique, furniture, gadgets, books, memorabilia, keychains? Not only those mentioned are “collections”. Items that are of same category gathered is called “collection”. How about Hello Kitty, Barbie, Gundam or Fashion and Lippies; they are collectibles too.


I thought of gathering world coins as I find it amusing. Ever since I was a child, I began to love stacking world coins into my mini pouch. Now I found out this interesting organization since I was on DENKI event. I found out Collectors Hive! They are the first in Philippines to have an online website where diverse collections are in.


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Collectors Hive has been featured at DENKI Megatech Convention


How do you find collecting?

For me? Inspiration. Appeasement.

Well everyone has their own reasons, their motivations and stories. But some people are heavily influenced by their past, family, friends and events. Some considered it as a way to bridge diverse generations and whereabouts.


I once had in my distant past (glancing figures at ToyCon Philippines) when my brother and I visited conventions. We roamed around the Otaku Expo, Toy stores, Animax Carnival and souvenir shops. It feels like heaven to see and own those items. My brother is fan of Gundam Series and other possible figurines. As I am more intrigue on items such as One Piece, Marvel, DOTA mini figures, Rilakkuma plush etc. Unfortunately, I don’t really have spare money that time.

But the desire of collecting is inside me.